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Here. We. Go.

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

"Oh, so you're trying to kill me kill me. OK. Now I know."

Spire was back from the dead, and he was actively trying to murder me. Good times. I pulled one of my daggers from its sheath and threw it at his feet. He jumped out of the way, breaking his concentration from electrifying the ground, giving me a second to react.

I hit him with a flurry of punches and kicks, taking him off balance before a solid roundhouse to the chest put him down.

He reacted quickly, shocking the ground around him. I leapt to the air, bringing a hard knee down toward his chest. He rolled out of the way and blasted me in the chest, knocking me back and scorching my armor.

He charged at me, which I sidestepped, then grabbed his neck and - using his momentum against him - drove him into the wall of the alley. He blindly fired more electricity, which I leaped out of the way of and landed conveniently near my embedded sword.

I pulled my blade - the Fang - from the wall - and swung it around me in an arc. Spire fired another volley of electricity in my direction, which I rolled under and slashed toward him. He dodged backwards.

"You missed, Hitman," he smirked, "I thought you never miss."

"I don't."

He hadn't noticed that he was exactly where I wanted him. I threw another dagger above him, hitting a steam vent. A blast of hot air blasted downward on him, scalding him. He screamed in agony and stumbled forward. I slid around him, grabbed him by the neck and cut off his circulation, putting him to sleep.

I made a call.

"Morningstar, you get to Engels and Dispatch yet?"

"Got 'em. On my way home," she replied.

"Got a detour. Need pickup. Sending my location now."

A few minutes later, Morningstar pulled up and opened the trunk. I lowered Spire inside, then used a set of non-conductive zip-ties to bind him so he couldn't escape.

We returned home with Dispatch and an unconscious Spire.

Terra was shocked to see Spire. "He's...dead. Funeral and everything. What the entire hell?"

Spire started to stir. Morningstar - out of nowhere - injected him with a sleep agent and put him back to sleep. I love that woman.

"That's what we need to find out," I replied. "What did you guys discover?"

Terra and Engels began to fill me in on what they had each learned, including Dispatch's memory issues and Terra reconnecting with Bitter.

I looked over at Spire. Things were getting weird. "I didn't build this place with a holding cell in mind. Anyone know of a more secure place we could take him?"

Terra started to answer, but it was Bitter who spoke up. "I have a place. You'll like it."

I don't like being the last to know about things.

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