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Super Glue Won't Fix This Puzzle

I'd only had time enough to get Morningstar and the kids settled in the "new" HQ, courtesy of Bitter, and check out the armory and a few other odds and ends of the place before Terra gathered us all together in the communications center.

Engels stopped me on our way in to the conference room. "We need to talk about Dispatch. Naomi gave me a few insights, and-"

Terra gestured for us to hurry inside. Whatever it was, she didn't want to wait.

"Understood. We'll talk after this," I said to Engels, as Bitter passed us and took a seat.

“Where’s Dispatch?” Terra asked, concerned.

“Resting.” I said as I sat down, crossing my arms. I had to acknowledge the alien equivalent of the elephant in the room.


“Hitman." He replied, then dipped his head in a weird sort of courteous bow thing towards Engels and Bitter. ”Gentlemen.”

Terra started the discussion. “Now that everyone is here, I need to ask you, Connor, what do you know about Drogos?”

After an uncomfortable conversation and a quick walk to confirm that there was, indeed, not one but two Drogos (Drogoses? Drogosi?) on site, everyone was exceptionally on edge.

Connor lost his trademark bravado and offered to come up with answers. We adjourned for the time being, which allowed Engels and I time to talk.

Everyone left the comms room, leaving us privacy.

"Listen, mate. Naomi showed me some things in a vision, but there are literal pieces missing to this overall puzzle. It's all related somehow - the Drogos, Dispatch, Spire, all of 'em reappearin' like that. It's a whole thing, innit? But there's still major holes, which I think might be literal. I think there are holes in both Dispatch and Spire that were put there on purpose, like someone or something doesn't want us - or anyone else - to know or be able to know why they've suddenly reappeared like this," he said, pacing the room.

"If that's true," I began, "then what will it take to place the puzzle pieces? For that matter, where do we find them? Are we just playing the waiting game until things are revealed?"

"I don't know, mate, but this has dragged me and my kid literally halfway around the world, and back into a life I left behind. I'm none too happy about it, I can tell you that." Engels half grumbled. He was never one to mince words, and though he was probably the most tactful of all of us, he knew how and when to be direct.

"Understood completely. Not exactly the way I'd planned my week to turn out either. For what it's worth, is good to see you."

Engels smirked. "Don't try to get all buddy buddy with me, Hitman. Just because you went and became a family man doesn't mean I've forgotten who you used to be." He chuckled. "Also, it's hilarious to see you as somebody's dad! If someone had told me that I'd call bullocks!"

"You're not alone on that one," I smirked.

"Anyways, enough with the memory lane stuff. What do we do?"

"We've got a lot of pieces that don't fit, and we can't force them together. Best I can figure is we're gonna have to keep probing Spire and Dispatch for clues, while Terra and Connor figure out the Drogos problem. Go eat, get some rest for now, and help Naomi get comfortable with the others. I'll call you when I'm ready for us to interrogate those two."

Engels nodded and headed out.

Moments later, I was standing outside of Spire's cell.

"Alright Soldier Boy. We're gonna have a chat."

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