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I'll take you there

A Conversation With Chief

by Agent 99


“We are inviting people to come with us.”

Walking with the Notofearth Representative known as Chief attracts attention even when those around do not know he is a Notofearth. At over six feet tall, dark brown and handsome with dark glasses, he emanates an air of comfortable, natural superiority.


Notofearths are notorious for their secrecy—when they are not being notorious for popping out. But officials and people who live among them are growing restless at not knowing what they want and why they are here. While there is no evidence that Notofearths mean us harm, the news of their existence is fresh, and there is still time to tell. They look just like us. We cannot tell who they are, unless they pop in or out. Even when they fly, they are usually so far up that we can’t place a face.


“Why would we mean you harm?” he responded calmly when I prodded. His tone was somber, and his sympathy for us was palpable. “You all are in a pretty terrible situation here, on your planet.”


If we are in such a terrible situation, what would they want with us? He named several reasons including research, vacation, and going to “find oneself,” sounding like a privileged twenty-something who just graduated from college with family money to backpack across third world countries.

“We are nearing our time here. It’s been an experience for all of us. But, soon, time to go.” He speaks in sad riddles, but he makes one thing frighteningly clear.


“We are inviting people to come with us.”


The possibility of going out there with them has been a rumor on Black social media for weeks. This man, who is not really a man at all but an extraterrestrial, has just confirmed it. The problem is that no matter how bad it is here, how will we know it’s safer out there? His answer sounds too good to be true.


“Where we come from,” he explains, “there is peace because we serve the elements. Water, light, terra, and others that are not understood on Earth, we understand. Life force is sacred. Those who serve Self over Life face immediate karmic retribution.”


Does that mean that they are complete angels on Earth? No. The Earth dimension allows them the human experience, where karma is not so immediate, where people who choose Self over Life are in the majority and leaders of mankind.


And the conversation continues for the rest of us. Would you go if you could? Is life here so bad that you would take your chances Out There? What if it’s true that all of the Notofearths are Black and only Black people are being invited? Should this scare us? Or is such fear anti-Black? Could this be all we have ever wanted?


Why don't you follow me / To a place / Where we can be free

   – “Follow Me” Aly-Us

I know my happiness is waiting / Out there somewhere

   – “Zoom” The Commodores

I know a place / Ain't nobody cryin' / Ain't nobody worried / Ain't no smilin' faces / Lyin' to the races

   – “I’ll Take You There” – The Staples Singers

Take my hand / Come with me, baby, to Love Land / Let me show you how sweet it could be / Sharing love with me

   – “Float On” The Floaters

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