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Original. Creative. Legendary.

Threezeromedia is an independent film and media production company working to create new and innovative projects that appeal to people of all backgrounds.



A pair of star-crossed singles join a zodiac based matchmaking service and discover aliens in the dating pool in this sci-fi/rom-com!


Not Without My Jordans: A Basketball Father's Nightmare:
A Life/mark Movie

A widowed father and his son move to a small town to escape a shadowy past but get more than they bargained for in this spoof of

Lifetime and Hallmark movies!


A single father juggles raising his two young sons and the baffling dating landscape of the mid 2010s in this romantic comedy.

anthony poster-01.jpg

The Sista Docs are 3 Black women who have acquired their doctorates and discuss various topics affecting Black women in academia and beyond. The podcast allows them the chance to exhale.

Sista Docs: Dr. 99 (Tahira Mahdi), Dr. Cupid, Dr. Lyrcial Tay

Other Projects:

U30IssueZeroSM 1.jpg

Every city needs heroes to save

its residents and District City is

no different. 

The Urban 30 is a team of multi-

talented superheroes determined

to keep the residents of DC safe

at any cost.

However, these heroes have...

issues. Discover what happens

when these heroes have to hire

new members...

Jamal is an aspiring app designer looking for success with his varied designs.


He has a penchant for testing them on people he knows, much to their discomfort.


What happens when the apps we rely on go awry? Find out in


Keyboard and Mouse

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